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    Multiple outgoing mailboxes in remedy

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      We have a requirement as below:

      User wants to send email (manual emails in remedy) using a particular From address.

      Now From what I have found is below:

      • When email is sent using the OOTB Email Form, it pushes values to NTE:Notifier and then to AR system email messages, where a filter gets the From address from the AR system mail configuration form from the outgoing mailbox
      • So this means we need to configure multiple outgoing mailboxes to be able to use a Particular From address.
      • We can configure multiple mailboxes in remedy but how to meet this requirement where a particular group of users want to use that particular mailbox for outgoing messages from remedy?


      How to make sure that the particular mailbox is used by certain group of users?



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          Laurent Matheo

          It seems it's not possible OOTB, you'll have to go through some workflow modification:

          Re: outgoing mailboxes

          Multi-Tenant Mailbox Configuration


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            Ganesh Gore

            To configure multiple mailboxes in 'enable' state, You need to disable filter "AR System Email Mailbox Configuration Check Duplicates". Once It is done, You need to customize the OOTB workflows where you can check if generated emails are specific to particular group then change outgoing mailbox.

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              When we say check generated emails , we need to check before email record is pushed to AR system email messages.

              There is a filter "AR System Email Messages Check Default From" that checks if From address is nUll , it searches AR config form and gets the name of the outgoing mail id to be used as From address.

              But , is there some other way that while creating record in NTE:Notifier , we can specify a particular From address but again that would make it hard coded.

              Is there a way that we can pick a particular mailbox for outgoing emails based on some field like company/some flag etc?

              What are the workflows involved, for both manual and automatic emails (notifications)that go out from remedy?

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                Ganesh Gore

                That's where customization comes into the picture. Couple of filters can do it for you.

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                  In continuation to this , in a multitenant server , is there a way to configure mailboxes as per company. WE have a requirement where for each company, different mailbox should be used ? How can this be achieved? Is there any OOTB functionality in AR Server ver 8.1 as I am new to 8.1. From older versions I cannot recall any such configuration. Would it be a customization only, if yes, what is the simplest approach to this?

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                    To out the requirement in more precise way (that we came to know ) that for the notification which are sent on from remedy Customer wants From address to be different from what is there configured in the mailbox configuration form.

                    Is it possible to change the From address without creating a new mailbox , the domain for both the mail ids is same. I.e. @abc.com is same just the email id is different. To put it, current notifications are sent from remedy using say 123@abc.com but customer wants for particular incident types (belonging to a particular company) , the from address should be 456@abc.com


                    Any suggestions on this?

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                      Ganesh Gore

                      You are talking about this idea:



                      There is no such OOTB feature available in current remedy versions but can be achieved by customization.[Create new form to configure ALL "From" addresses for companies and depending on the user/company, populate 'From' addresses from this new form using workflows and replace original one].

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                        Hi Isha,


                        I have a similar requirement. The customization required to achieve this is quite complex. I also heard from our vendor (a BMC partner) that customers who have configured multiple mailboxes are seeing performance degradation. You'll be better off doing it using rules on the Exchange Server.

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                          This isn't as complicated as it first appears.  I was able to do this with minimal alterations by pushing the company name to the notify mailbox name and re-naming outbound mailboxes to their respective company names.



                          NTE:Notifier Added a new company field






                            Added mapping (company) in NTE:SYS-NT > (new field) in NTE:Notifier

                          <This pushes the company name to NTE:Notifier>









                                 Need to be updated to include mapping the (new field) in NTE:Notifier in the Mailbox Field  under the notify action

                          <This takes the company name from the new field created in NTE:Notifier and adds it to the notification>



                          Now, this will only help for the Request related emails.  Other notifications like incident assignment aren't affected (out of scope for our use-case)  Also keep in mind that you could go a lot further with this and build it out to something much more complex.  This achieved our needs and meant minimal alteration to the OOB workflow.


                          You'll want to consider CTM:Email and it's associated active links (HPD:INC:EmailSystem_100_Dialog and CTM:EMS:SendEmail_100_PNTS-E) if you utilize the in-tool email system, and the RBE:Message_M999-Notify% filters if you utilize RBE Success/fail/reject actions.


                          This was also on 8.1, so your mileage may vary on other versions.

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                            Indu Gautam

                            Do I have to disable filter as said above?

                            and also company name :do I have to add company field to mailbox configuration form?

                            and do u have any low level design if can you please email me at igindu.21@gmail.com???

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                              alwin k

                              Hi All, I would like add one additional mail box for initiating survey emails and those survey responses to be captured on the same mailbox.Then those survey responses to be extracted on .xlsx or .CSV format.At present I am using BMC remedy tool 9.1v.Please let me know the possibility of adding above said feature which is a new requirement from client. Regards,Dhas