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    Remove irrelevant patches scares me

    Mark Casey

      I went to our Windows Patch Catalog today and clicked Remote irrelevant patches, and it returned a whole boatload of entries.  I'm scared to delete them all considering how many their are.


      How do I know this won't mess something up?




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          Bill Robinson

          Go spot check some in the list – are they flagged as irrelevant ?

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            Joe Piotrowski

            Be afraid... be very afraid...

            Just kidding.


            I would look a few up on the Microsoft site to verify they are irrelevant if you're worried. And make sure when you do a patch analysis you're not including irrelevant patches in your scan.

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              Mayur Thakare

              I think, 'Remove irrelevant patches' means those patches that do not match current filtering criteria of catalog. It has nothing to do with a vendor declared relevance.


              For example, If catalog is created and updated for Windows2k3 (it will bring all Win2k3 patches) and then if filter is changed to Windows2k8, all Win2k3 patches are now marked irrelevant and are moved to'irrelevent patches' smart group. Selecting 'Remove irrelevant patches' action will delete patches that are under this smart group.

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                Mark Casey

                So, I went through and removed almost 9000 patches from the catalog last night. I noticed however, that even though they are "gone", which I assume means from the DB, the size of the location of the files on the disk on the App server has not changed. Is there a way to sync that up and reclaim some of that disk space?




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                  Bill Robinson

                  there's not anything built in.  i wrote a script for this that should take care of it - it looks at what is in the database and what is on the file system and lists the 'extras' which can be deleted.


                  so run it like:

                  get creds w/ blcred, then run:

                  nsh fsCleanup_shortcut.nsh -P profile -R role -m orphanCatalog -t true -C /path/to/catalog -c TYPE_OF_CATALOG -b //backup/location




                  the '-t' there is dry run so that should give you a list to spot check.  if you run it for real (-t false) it will move the files to the backup location and then you can delete manually. (better safe than sorry )


                  had a few people use it, seems to work, but 'your mileage may vary'


                  if there's not one, there should be an 'idea' for this.