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    ADDM Query- Software report

    Richa Patil

      Hello All,


      I am tryign to get hosts's


      software Instances & packages report together.


      Below is the query:


      SEARCH Host SHOW name, os, vendor, virtual, partition, #InferredElement:Inference:Associate:DiscoveryAccess.endpoint AS 'Scanned via', explode #Host:HostedSoftware::.name AS 'Name', #Host:HostedSoftware::.version AS 'Version', (#Host:HostedSoftware::.vendor OR #Host:HostedSoftware::.publisher OR single(#Host:HostedSoftware::.#Element:Maintainer:Pattern:Pattern.publishers)) AS 'vendor'


      Query runs well but result of query contain patches as well which I don't want in my report.


      In the result, I need software Instance type & Package name in 'Name' column.


      Also I am trying to get package & software instance vendor in 'vendor' column .


      Any help would be appreciated.