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    Blade Logic NSH Script Job (Execute Powershell through nexec)

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      Hello everyone.


      I have created a powershell script that grabs RDP session information from the event viewer for windows 2012 servers.  I want to execute this script remotely through blade logic eventually.  It successfully runs via nexec....However, when I console in via putty-nsh and try to run:


      nexec -e powershell.exe -inputformat NONE -file 'C:\Temp\PSM-HBL-WIN2K12-Enable.ps1'


      it just hangs like usual and never completes.  I have seen ALL of the posts on here saying different things about how to make it complete and not hang.  Nothing has worked for me yet. 


      I even tried putting the powershell executable line in a bat file and nexec that through BL and it still hung.


      I was curious to know if there was another option for me. 


      Any help is very much appreciated.


      Thank you,


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