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    RSCD Uninstall


      Hi everybody!


      Am I doing something wrong or it is impossible to uninstall the RSCD agent from a server?


      All that I have is below:



      Let's suppose I'd like to remove it manually, what should I remove and in which order?


      Thank you who will ever answer.

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          Bill Robinson

          how was the agent installed?  if it was installed w/ the sh installer then run the NSH/Uninstall. if it was installed via a package - rpm, pkg, bff, etc use the uninstall method for the installer type - eg 'rpm -e <pkgname>'

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            Hi Bill, thank you.


            I've already used 'rpm -e <pkgname>', but then whenever I try a new installation I get the following error:


            There was a problem creating the bladmin group and bladmin user.  This group and user is require                                                          rver Automation Console to run.
            The following was run to try to create the group:
                groupadd bladmin
            The following was run to try to create the user:
                useradd -g bladmin -s /bin/sh -c BMC BladeLogic Admin Account -d /usr/opt/SP/app/bmc/bladelo
            Please correct this issue and re-run the installer.


            It is ought to the server that uses LDAP for the 'bladmin' group. But even disabling the connection to LDAP, it does not work.


            What can I try then?

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              Bill Robinson

              how did you disable the ldap connection ?


              there should be a check for the bladmin group and user...  so i'm not sure why that wouldn't return... what version of blade is this ?  and you are trying to install what here - the appserver  ?

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                I'm following this guide: https://docs.bmc.com/docs/pages/releaseview.action?pageId=107843479


                to install the PXE/TFTP, but it requires to uninstall the RSCD agent and then launch the BBSAversion-platform in this case for "Linux" and "version=8.3.00" to install:

                - RSCD

                - PXE

                - TFTP

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                  Bill Robinson

                  The installer uses ‘groupmod’ and ‘id’ to look for the group and user.


                  If ldap is connected would those see the group and user?  and w/ it ‘disconnected’ (how?) what happens ?

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                    I was able to disable the ldap and the installation went fine.

                    I used the following 2 commands to disable the ldap:


                    1. from the "/etc/nsswitch.conf" file, I changed: sudoers: files ldap --> sudoers: files

                    2. executed the command: authconfig --disableldapauth --disableldap --enableshadow --updateall


                    So I can confirm that the command 'rpm -e BladeLogic...' uninstalls the rscd agent.


                    Thank you Bill.

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                      Bill Robinson

                      i would expect useradd and id commands to be ldap aware if nsswitch was setup properly - what was on the 'passwd' and 'group' lines ?