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    Could not connect to TrackIT services after renaming server


      Hello - I hope someone out there has encountered this situation.  After renaming our old TrackIT 10.5 server the technician clients are not able to connect to the server.  The error says 'could not connect to track-it services. please contact your administrator [configuration]'.  I have checked the trackt.cfg file and Numara.trackit.core.dataacess.xml (??) file and made sure that the new server name is reflected on these files.  I also checked the Numara.TrackIT.Core.Servicemanagement.Service.xml and Numara.TrackIT.Core.Servicemanagement.xml files and changed the server names there as well.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.  We are trying to get access to some historical inventory records.  We have a different system now for asset inventory but need some access to data from a year ago.


      thank you -


      Jonathan Uy

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          Chris McLane

          Hi Jonathan,

          Well, as you found out, Track-It! doesn't like it all if the server name is changed when Track-It! is already installed :-). There are many files besides that ones you referenced that will still point to the original server name.


          This article should help:




          If, after going through all of the steps, you still can't get it working, my recommendation would be to save all of your attachments and custom reports, if any, save your trackit.lic license file, and then completely uninstall Track-It! and re-install it. During the installation you will need to create a new temp datababase, but after it has been reinstalled you can then point the two files you mentioned back to the original database.

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            Hi Chris,


            Thank you so much for responding.  I proceeded with uninstalling and re-installing Track-IT.  I created a TRACKITDB as the temp in the same server instance.  I then pointed it back to the TRACKIT_DATA db on the trackit.cfg and dataaccess.xml files.  I launched the client and the same error.  So I thought hey why don't I point it back to the temp db I created during the re-install - lo and behold after I clicked the client it gave me the login screen.  I was surprised to see this so i figure maybe the trackit_data db was corrupted? so I restored a backup of trackit_data to trackitdb and then launched the client again - but got the same could not connect to trackit services management error.

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              Chris McLane

              If it works when you point to the temporary database that was created, there is nothing really wrong with the Track-It! server components. Most likely the problem you are having is due to the service being unable to properly connect to your other database when you point to it. This can cause the Track-It! Service Management service to stop running correctly. If the service doesn't stay running, or isn't running properly you'll get the "Could not connect to Track-It! services" error.


              Your best course of action is to point back to the database you want to use by modifying the two files, start the Track-It! Service Management service, refresh the services window to see if it stops, and then view the last set of errors in the Track-It-TIServiceManagement.log file, found under C:\Windows\Temp on the Track-It! server. You will most likely see database connectivity types of errors that will need to be resolved.

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                Hi Chris


                I did as you suggested and took a look at those logs.  There were connectivity issues.  The problem was the SQL accounts.  On the files they reference TRACKIT80_2 , TRACKITAPP_2 etc.  I suppose these accounts play a role in getting access to the database.  After looking back and forth on the security user logins I corrected the trackit.cfg and dataaccess.xml files with the appropriate sql user accounts I was able to login from the client. 


                I can't thank you enough for walking me through this process.  I have definitely learned a lot about this application's architecture. 


                Thank you again !!!!!

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                  Chris McLane

                  My pleasure. I'm glad I could help.