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    How to add custom form in AppList under Incident Management link?


      Is anyone done anything like below?


      I have to add a custom form to the AppList which has to be displayed under incident managment link as a 4th option.

      Application->Incident Management-> Incident Management Console

                                                        -> New Incident

                                                        -> Search Incident

                                                        -> My Custome Form


      I created Active Links, Active Link Guides and modifyied the existing OOTB AL SHR:LHP:Init to add label of my custom form.


      1. XXX:HPD:AppListEntryPoint

      2. XXX:HPD:AppListOpenCustomForm


      1. XXX:HPD:AppListEntryPoint

      2. XXX:HPD:AppListOpenCustomForm


      But failed to get my custom form as a 4th option of an incident management. Might be missed something in written WFs.

      I attached the sceenshot of XXX:HPD:AppListOpenCustomForm active link.

      Pls let me know what can be done to get my custom form under incident management ASAP. I am working on ARS v 8.1.

      Will appreciate early response...

      Thanks in advance....