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    ADDM NoAccess Report

    Jeff Sikorski
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      If I go to the search bar and type "NoAccess" ... I can pull a list of all the devices where I'm running in to access issues.




      However, the devices only list the IP address for an identifier.  If you drill down into each device, you can see the device name (most of the time).




      However, I have thousands of these that I'm trying to get through.


      Is there a way to generate a "NoAccess" report WITH the device name that ADDM found while attempting?  Does anyone have a "Generic Search Query" I can steal?


      Most of the issues I'm seeing are credentials issues.  I'm trying to pass a list of devices back to the UNIX /Windows servers teams, but would be a lot easier if I gave them device names instead of IPs.




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          Nicolas Bamberski

          Hi Jeff,


          There is a report under Discovery > Discovery Reports called "Possible Endpoint Host Devices (Detailed): List of Endpoints not accessed or related to current Hosts but believed to be Host devices on their last access, with detailed OS breakdown where available."


          I think it may fit your needs as it reports on DiscoveryAccess nodes and "NoAccess" status (and with _last_marker), meaning looking only at the last access attempt to each endpoint that did not infer a Host), and it displays the device name. You may then filter the result by OS to pass on to the adequate server team.





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            Jeff Sikorski

            Thanks, that one is pretty good!



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              Jeff Sikorski

              Is there any way you could provide the 'query' used to generate the noaccess report (the one if you went to the regular ADDM UI search bar and typed "noaccess".


              I still just don't work with the ADDM Query language enough to understand


              I'm trying to set up a 'job' on the UNIX server and utilize the tw_query to export a CSV and copy it over to another team .. so they could import it into SQL .. and compare with other sources to do some device remediation.





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                Gene Slaughter

                Hi Jeff, after you are on the "Discovery Access List" page, select + Customize and then "Raw Query":

                SEARCH DiscoveryAccess WHERE * HAS SUBWORD 'noaccess'

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                  Jeff Sikorski

                  THANK YOU!


                  I was looking for that ... I knew I saw it before but forgot where it was.


                  Perfect, thank you!