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    Consuming a web service that requires authentication



      I am new to web services and learning a lot from reviewing posts. However, i am stuck on consuming a web service (ie Blackberry Enterprise) via https (SSL). I was able to bring in the wsdl (see below).




      I have created a form to store data and solved the SSL (certificate keystore issue). The issue i am having is the authentication part. I am getting the following error:


      "ARERR [9130] Error encountered while executing a Web Service : (401)Unauthorized"


      I know it is the HTTP Header authentication portion. I was able to use SOAP UI successfully by manually entering username & password for Basic Authorization (see below):



      Is there a way to replicate the HTTP Header (Authentication) info from SOAP UI into Remedy? Or even manually add HTTP Header into a WSDL (or XML) file?


      In Remedy (Filter: Set Fields), i only get the following Authentication options:



      Unfortunately, none of them work. Does anyone have any ideas or recommendation?


      I am running out of ideas ... please someone help.