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    Preloaded KMs issue with

    Mike Birket


      I am just in the process of upgrading a bunch of agents to However, I have noticed that something seems to have changed. Usually when you connect to an agent from a classic console and load KMs that are preloaded on the agent, the system output window shows things like
      "NT_SERVICES already loaded by the agent". With and console version 3.5.60, even if the KMs are preloaded, the messages I get when I connect are
      "PatrolAgent-Info: Loaded `NT_SERVICES' application locally from agent knowledge directory."
      This implies that the KMs are not preloaded but if I do a DUMP KM_LIST it shows them as preloaded. Can anyone confirm if they are seeing the same. BTW, the issue is that the errs files are being bogged down with these messages as consoles attach.