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      I'm having all sorts of issues getting a AO environment running.  There appear to be numerous issues around using signed SSL certificates on AO components.  I've got a ticket open with support on these issues.


      So I figured the best way around this in my POC environment was to install everything as HTTP.  One issue I was running into was my OCP was throwing a message telling me I didn't have any modules installed or didn't have permissions.  I have modules installed on the gird and logged in as aoadmin, so not quite sure what is going on there, maybe another hidden SSL feature.


      The bigger issue is when I tried to connect to my new environment with Dev Studio.  I create a new connection, checking the http button and click connect.  It just clocks, so I look at the Dev Studio grid.log and I'm getting this error . . .


      16 May 2014 10:59:39,014 WARN  TopologyParticipantProxiesManager : Error occurred when connecting to peer [CDP] in topology [JMS_DISCOVERY] in grid [management].
        Summary: No message available. The exception was of type: java.io.IOException

      Caused by:
         Summary: Could not connect to broker URL: ssl:// Reason: javax.net.ssl.SSLHandshakeException: Received fatal alert: bad_certificate

        Caused by:
          Summary: Received fatal alert: bad_certificate


      I installed everything as HTTP, and am connecting http, so why/where is it trying to read a certificate and why is it doing an SSL handshake?


      Should I re-install all AO components using the default generated SSL certs?  Are older versions of AO less buggy?  Should I download and install an older version?


      My goal at this point is to just get something working so I can start looking at how to build workflows.


      Thanks in advance for the input.