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      • 15. Re: BEM Email notification not working

        Thank you for the info Sameer, here exit code is showing as 0 only but no email were received.


        When checked in the output it as the info mentioned below.




        Setting up SMTP mailer...
        Blat v2.6.2 w/GSS encryption (build : Feb 25 2007 12:06:19)

        SMTP server set to mail.cbrands.com on port 25 with user roshini.sankaran@cbrands.com, retry 1 time(s)
        Setup completed.


        Hope there is some issue so the mails were not delievered and its on trying.




        • 16. Re: BEM Email notification not working

          Hi Roshni,


          This output is for setting up SMTP server configuration with smail -installSMTP command. I wanted to check remote action's result, that's alright if you are saying that return code is 0 then you should recieve email.


          Could you please try sending email manually with smail command as shown below and check if you are able to recieve email.


          $mcell_home\server\etc\<cell_name>\kb\bin\w4>smail -f "custom@bmc.com" -t "sameer_khan_cw@bmc.com" -subject "Testing Email with smail" -body "Email Body"
          Blat v2.6.2 w/GSS encryption (build : Feb 25 2007 12:06:19)

          Sending stdin.txt to sameer_khan_cw@bmc.com
          Subject: Testing Email with smail
          Login name is custom@bmc.com
          Try number 1 of 3.


          Please make sure you are using valid id's for -t and -f flags in this command, as if the there is any failure while sending email you should get failure report on emailid you specified for -f flag.


          Note: Email id specified in -f can be invalid (as I have specified in my command: custom@bmc.com) only thing required is that you provide valid id in -t flag. the reason I asked you to provide valid id for this is for receivng failure report in case email was unable to sent.


          Note: You can use same email id for these flags.


          Please try this and let me know.


          Thanks & Regards,

          Sameer Khan

          • 17. Re: BEM Email notification not working

            Hi Sameer,


            When i triggered manually using smail we are receiving the email but when i use the option from BPPM ops console -Remote action we are not receiving the email.


            screenshot for reference.






            • 18. Re: BEM Email notification not working

              Hi Roshni,


              I guess you are selecting incorrect menu option here, this option will only set SMTP server setting, It has setup this setting succesfully, you will not recieve any email for this.


              Click below option to recieve email notification.


              Send Event as SMTP E-mail




              Then specify from and to email addresses along with subject and click execute, you should receive email.


              Thanks & Regards,

              Sameer Khan

              • 19. Re: BEM Email notification not working

                Thanks Sameer, Its works now.




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