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    Remedyforce Console on Salesforce1

    Rafael Bertolini
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      Hi Everyone


      I'm trying the Salesforce1 app and it seems really good to work with Remedyforce as a support staff. However, I can only see Change Requests and Problems consoles/lists, I can't see Incidents lists (even if I search for it on the Search bar on the top). The only way to see an incident, is to open a problem that has an incident related and then open the incident.


      I guess the incident console/list is not available as I have deployed the new Remedyforce Console for my Org, but then the questions are:


      1) Is it possible to access the new Remedyforce Console via Salesforce1?

           1.a) If so, how to do it? (I can't find it).

           1.b) If it's not possible, is it possible to access the "old" Incident console/lists via Salesforce1 (and continue to use Remedyforce Console when accessing via desktop)?


      Thanks in advance!