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    IDE for TPL

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      is there some IDE which is possible to use for development of own discovery patterns ?

      currently we are using only notepad++ with syntax package.

      and is there some other way how to try to compile this tpl files instead of uploading into test addm appliance ??


      br Petr

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          Wes Moskal-Fitzpatrick

          Hi Petr,


          Whilst I can't direct you to an IDE at current, I have developed a script for parsing TPL which works moderately well.


          It's not 100% perfect but it will catch a number of mistakes (being able to point out the exact line it occurred - useful for missing "end if/for" statements). It should work on most patterns and save you some time in uploading.


          As it's a personal project I don't have much time to work on it, so feedback is welcome!


          codefitz/tplser · GitHub

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