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    No Related Work Orders in Asset Management?

    Seth McCulloch

      Using 8.1, we rely quite a bit on asset relationships.  We're entertaining the idea of starting to use Work Orders to record certain events, but a quick look in the Asset Management module shows that Work Orders don't appear in the list of related objects.  Can anybody explain why this is the case?  Is it by design or a defect?


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          Rohit Roshan


          The same behavior is observed in earlier versions as well.

          AM 7.6.03: On the Relationship tab of a CI, show related does not include Work Orders.

          The Show Related menu does not have a menu option for Work Orders

          There are two RFEs (Request for Enhancement) for this issue.

          RFE SW00355716 – Associated Work Orders are not shown on the CI Relationships tab - In Review

          RFE SW00379239 - Work orders cannot be related to CIs. CIs can be related to work orders, but not the other way around.

          You may again submit this as an Idea for v8.1


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            Hi Rohit!

            Just to clearify. Does this mean that there are 2 RFEs logged regarding this for earlier versions but if anybody would like it for 8.1 version that person should log a RFE regarding this for 8.1 as well?


            Thanks in advance


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              Michael Luttmann

              a. Go to the form, SYS:Menu Items.


              b. Search on Menu Type = "SHRShowRelatedChoices"


              c. Using one of the records as a template, create a record for Menu Label 1 = "Related Work Orders" and Menu Value 1 = "keyRelatedWorkOrders"


              This will allow users to see Work Orders related to the selected CI.


              However, the "View" button will not work... for that,


              a. Find Active Links with Name contains "SHR:ShowRelatedDetails"


              b. Make copies of one of the "OpenDialog" and "OpenWindow" active links and adjust so that they will work with the form "WOI:WorkOrder" (This may take some trial-and-error.)

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                Naji Abdallahi

                I got asked this question while teaching ITSM Developer course, and I found your excellent and correct answer here. Thanks!


                Just for clarity, the Menu Value 1 must be keyRelatedWorkOrders.


                I also changed the Menu Order 1 to have Related Work Orders under Related Incidents, so I also had to shift the Menu Order 1 field for each of the preceding options. Set Assets to 0 then Releases to 1 and Incidents to 2 so I could make Work Orders at 3, which is fourth position starting from 0 :-)


                See screenshot:Capture.PNG

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                  Naji Abdallahi

                  Also documenting how to get the 2 Active Links needed to make the View button and table double click through to work:

                  Step1: Search for Active Links that contain SHR:ShowRelatedDetails_HPD and you should be able to locate 2 ALs.


                  Step2: Do a Save As of each of these. I chose to rename them by changing the HPD part of the name to WO.

                  Step3: For the OpenDialog AL, Change the Run If Qualification to have WOI:WorkOrder in place of HPD:Help Desk. You can just type that in.


                  Step4: Still on the OpenDialog AL, change the Sample Form Name on the Open Window action to WOI:WorkOrder by just typing that in. Not forgetting to save the AL.


                  Step5:Now go to the OpenWindow AL and change the Run If Qualification to WOI:WorkOrder and also change the Form Name on the first Set Fields action to WOI:WorkOrder, and also change the Qualification on that Set Fields to say 'Work Order ID' = $z2TF_AllRelatedRequestID01$ and save the AL


                  That's it! Flush the MT cache and test it by relating a WO to a CI and ensuring you can see related WOs on the CI and double click or click the View button to drill back to the WO.


                  Fully tested in response to a student question on the ITSM Dev course Remedy IT Service Management 9.1: Development - BMC Software  at BMC Education :-)

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                    Steve May

                    Thanks, I am on the training course and the real world example is very useful.


                    This is a very useful thread and the steps for the linking were spot on. I have managed to complete on the training environment and will replicate when I am back in the office.


                    Just a small comment, for step 2 I had to use base development mode to allow the save as option and made the changes in that mode.

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