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    Custom Reports in Track-It

    zack Wimberly
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      Custom Reports in Track-It? I have only seen a few people post reports... Is there a larger pool of reports that folks have made and we are missing?

      We would love to build more Crystal Reports, but there is not enough staff ready to do this. Any help would be great.

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          Toby Draper

          Hi Zack - over the next week, I am going to post part 3 of a series about reporting in Track-It!. This one will go into more detail around Crystal.


          Teach yourself Track-It!... Reports. Part 1 Simple reports from extracted data


          Teach yourself Track-It!... Reports. Part 2 Crystal Reports and other useful tools


          The first two parts are linked to above. If you have a particular requirement for a report, perhaps I could base my blog around that? What ideas do you have for a report?

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            In our organization, we've done a fair bit of report writing (by use of Crystal Reports), Zack.  Some of these have been by way of customizing the "canned" reports with cosmetic changes (adding the company logo, renaming the report, changing fonts and color schemes to match our corporate style sheets, etc.).  We've also created entirely new reports, many of which are the result of our governance requirements (SOX, PCI, etc.).  Many of these have relied on extending the basic schema of Track-It "out of the box" (adding new/additional work order Description types & Technician Note types, work order Status types, etc.) as well as on our making extensive use of the user-defined fields that are available throughout the application.


            Some number of years ago, I attended a Track-It Reports training workshop, led by Sherry Pongrac -- I think the company was still "Blue Ocean" back then, so I don't know if she's still with the company at this point or not.  That was probably the best Track-It investment we've ever made.  The work we invested in custom reports for Project- and Change-Management paid off -- other departments besides IT (Facilities Management, Marketing, and operations departments that are rather specific to our industry) have seen the value of these, and have begun adopting Track-It as a framework for managing complex sets of tasks and medium-sized projects.


            If you've installed Crystal Reports as part of your Track-It licensing, try exporting a report or two to a local copy, open them in Crystal Reports, and poke at them a bit.  If you don't know Crystal, there are plenty of resources on the web to help you get a basic working knowledge.  To answer your question directly:  I don't know that there are many reports posted in the Community, but I know there are a fair number of users who customize and extend the default set of reports that are available.  Depending on what you're interested in, I'm sure there are at least a few people willing to help you get started!





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              Cris Coffey

              We have a great partner now called MicroFlow who is offering a Crystal Reports training program centered around Track-It!  If you would like more information on this program, please contact Rosemary.


              Rosemary Lieberman

              Microflo Software, LLC

              (850) 995-7490



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                You might also consider taking a Crystal Report Administrator class somewhere. I did this a number of years ago when working for a different firm. It has helped me with modifying and creating new reports from scratch.

                I agree with a previous comment to copy some of the canned reports to a different file store location.

                The open them in Crystal directly and play with them or modify as might be required. When you have a report to your satisfaction you can then import the the report to Track-It as a custom report. Doing it this way you don't accidently modify an existing canned report.


                BMC support is not wanting to support custom design but has been helpful in identifying tables that may be needed. You may want to search the KB for the Entity Relations Diagram (ERD) for your version. Version 11 can be found at:
                Track-It! 11 HTML Database Documentation


                I understand there are some changes to support version 11.2 but I haven't seen an ERD for 11.2. These substantially will help in designing custom reports from scratch.


                It would be nice if BMC would allow the creation of a user generated report library. So long as you get reports formatted for your Track-It version, I could see this as an asset. we could upload some reports that others may find useful and save some time building similar reports from scratch.

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                  What ever happened to the reports blogs that you were writing?

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                    Cris Coffey

                    I think you mean Toby Draper

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                      I did mean Toby Draper...


                      Sorry about that Tony!

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                        Toby Draper

                        Hi Steven - Part 3 is in its final stages of drafting... I will post it in the next couple of days. Thanks!