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    What is an overlay needed for exactly?

    LJ LongWing
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      Ok...so here is the scenario


      I'm working in an 8.1 Server and analyzing the customizations that have been made to the form.  I notice that on the field Communication Source (1000000655) that there was a value added by my predecessor at value 900, and the BPCU created an overlay of the form, and an overlay of all of the views the field was on, and created an overlay of the field, all is as expected...but it's a relatively small form, and I wanted to play with things a bit...so


      I removed all overlays, took it straight back to 'Base', then re-created an overlay on the form, and the field.  When I went to add the value back in, it insisted on overlaying all of the views it was in, which takes me back to exactly where I started...so, I added my value with all of the overlays in place...


      Now, I go back in and delete all of the view overlays, but leaving the field overlay in place.


      So, what I have at this point is a form overlay (with no form properties overlaid)

      I have a field that is overlaid with an added value to a selection field

      But I have no view overlays.


      It is this last part that confuses me.  While I was playing around I couldn't add my value at the beginning of the list unless the field was overlaid in all of the views it was in, along with those views being overlaid....but after I make the change I'm looking for, I can effectively delete all of the overlay that it made me put in place, and the field still has the addition, the field is still overlaid...


      AND it works in the web


      So...why does the tool require me to overlay everything under the sun to get my changes in, but then not require those overlays remain in place afterwards?