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    what does overlay means?

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      what does AR system exactly does when we create an overlay view of a form?

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          "An overlay is a copy of a BMC Remedy AR System server structure or workflow object that is used in place of the origin object. An origin object for which an overlay has been created is an overlaid object. Until you modify the overlay, its appearance and functionality are identical to that of the overlaid object. "




          David J. Easter
          Product Line Manager, AR System

          BSM & Atrium Solutions Mgmt
          BMC Software, Inc.

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            Laurent Matheo

            Overlay are a new feature that came with 7.6.04.

            Basically, when you want to modify a form, for example to move and change a field position / label, before you went to developer studio, and change field's position and label.

            In case of hotfix or upgrade, your modifications were overwritten and the field went back to its previous position and label.


            Now, you work on overlays.

            Basically, it makes a "copy" of the form and you always work on the copied object, never on the original one.

            Think a bit like a layer in Photoshop. You have a picture in original layer, you copy / paste it into another layer and you work on the new one.


            So if you want to change properties of a field, you overlay the form, the view where the field is and the field. Then you change the properties (position / label).

            In case of an upgrade/hotfix, the original version of the field is modified, but your overlay isn't touched, so your field is still at the position you defined with the label you defined.

            Hence your customizations "resist" to hotfix / upgrades.




            David was way faster ^_^

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              Prashanth H L

              The below link will help you understand the concepts of overlays:


              Connect with Remedy - Implementing Remedy Overlays

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                Pratap Dalai

                In ARS 7.6.4 BMC has introduced new feature i.e "Overlay"...the main advantage of using Overlay is that preserving the Customization during the Upgrade to higher version.


                your Customization will be not lost ...



                In BMC Remedy Developer Studio...there are two types modes ...One is your base Development mode another is Best Patrice Customization Mode...


                when you are working in BEst Pratice Customization mode and tehn you need to create the Overlay of that OOTB object then only ..you can  modify the OOTB..


                for example



                If you want change the any field label name on HPD:Help Desk Form...

                then  you need to create the Overlay ,and view Overlay  and overlay of that field you have to create ...



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                  @Laurent , Pratap.  thanks for clarification.


                  If I do overlay of form then will it create new tables after save or overwrite the existing original tables ?


                  Please help me to understand.

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                    Laurent Matheo

                    No it will modify existing tables. For example if you overlay a form and add a new character field, the new field will appear in the SQL Table to store data.

                    The SQL view will be reconstructed though to make this new field appear but since it's a view you don't loose data.

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                      Thanks Laurent. It is cleared now :-)