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    BMC Software defect numbers

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      if BMC support gives me a software defect number, such as SW00460681, how can I find out more about it? I'd like to know when exactly this defect occurs, what I can do to work around it and if there is a hotfix for it.





      PS: The problem is that a CI relationship does not get correctly reported in Analytics.


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          Jamsheer KK

          Hi Heiko,

          The best place to start searching for any defect is kb.bmc.com and docs.bmc.com. Most of the defects and work around/hot fixes are listed in the KB so you may can search using defect id.


          If there is a new Service Pack or Patch released then you can find the information in the technical bulletin or service pack/hot fix read me files.


          Alternatively  you can always contact bmc support for further details.



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            Roland Pocek



            if you got the defect number from BMC then you can also search at "view/update issue" on the support site of bmc for the defect with your support id



            there you should get the status of the defect and details


            cheers rop

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              Hi Roland, doesn't work for me. When I search as you suggest I get no results.


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                Roland Pocek

                the defect will only show up there if it was created by your support id, otherwise i just would open a ticket and ask BMC about the defect in question if you cannot find details for it on the KB

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                  Thanks Roland. The strange thing is, I had opened a ticket with BMC Support to report this issue and all I got as a response was this: "If that is the case there is an existing defect on this issue. Please find the defect number SW00460681."

                  BMC Support did not offer any further help or a work around. For me this issue is rather critical. Meanwhile I escalated this to management. Let's see what happens...

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                    Jason Miller

                    The defect lookup functionality and information provided when a defect is actually found is typically insufficient.  I rarely use the feature as Roland Pocek mentioned because I find it more frustrating than it is worth.


                    Some examples:

                    • You know the defect number but it is not found when you search (secret defects?)
                    • You find a defect but the info regarding when/if it was fixed is not present
                    • You find a defect that states the defect was fixed in version X but there is no way of knowing if that defect was also fixed in a parallel (later) version that was also affected by the defect.  In AR System terms a defects indicates it fixed in 7.6.04 SPx but the defect also exists in 8.x.  When was it/will be fixed in 8.x?
                    • With the current searching and filtering options you usually need to be pretty vague which usually return way more defects then you want to search through (see note about insufficient info in defect records)
                    • There is rarely any indication of what release the defect was fixed in when Target Release Version states future release.
                    • The version menu is out of controlversionmenu.jpg  Pick the wrong version and you are likely not going to find what you are looking for.
                    • At least for the Remedy product line there are so many overlapping/tightly integrated apps/products where the defect actually exists is hard for a customer to know.  Since we are forced to choose a Product Name to search we need to try different product names and experience the frustrations mentioned above all over again for each product we search on.  There should be some kind of hierarchical search for example being able to search in the Remedy product line would search in CM, IM, AM, etc.  A use case is change approvals.  Technically Approval Server is part of AR System however there is a lot of approval workflow built in CM.  If I am looking for a possible defect in my CM approval process I have to look under multiple Product Names and hope to find a match with insufficient information.
                    • I can't remember the last time I saw anything in the Details, Symptoms or Resolution. fields.


                    Here is a fun example of how the data isn't useful.


                    It isn't a defect but it is targeted for a future release.


                    Thankfully The specified item was not found. has greatly improved the defect info available in the KB over the years.  While I use to rarely find defect info in the KB I have had great success in recent history.  Maybe it is time for the defect page to be consumed by the KB?

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                      Jason Miller

                      In short, just open an Issue for support if you didn't find defect info in the KB

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                        Thanks Jason. All support gave me was a defect number. I have no clue if there is a workaround or fix available. my ticket is open for 2 weeks now and nothing really happens.

                        If I open another ticket now to get more details regarding this defect number, it would just increase my number of open and unsolved tickets with BMC.

                        Meanwhile I keep escalating... Let's see what happens. I just can't live with this defect because it really puts the data quality in either Atrium or Analytics or both in question.

                        I will open a discussion regarding my specific defect here and maybe there is someone out there who had this issue before and found a way to work around it,