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    Web transaction timeout in some Execution Servers

    Raul Torres

      Hi to All,


      In the begining we installed only one Execution Server (ES1), we assigned it the execution of several web transactions. In the same server we installed a Workbench to record and define this web transactions. All transactions works fine from Workbench and from Execution Server.


      Now we have deployed 2 additional Execution Servers (and Workbench) in servers in 2 diferent locations (ES2 & ES3). The goal is that this Execution Servers was dedicated to monitor the same transactions defined in the original server (ES1). In consequence we assigned the execution of the web transactions (internet public corporative sites URLs, no intranet sites)  to both new Execution Servers (ES2 & ES3), but all transactions fails from this 2 new locations, returning error WebPageUrl(WinSock: 10060 - Connection timed out, host="www.xxxxx.com:80", attempts=3).


      The same happens (timeout) if I do a "Try Script"  from the workbench installed in both new Execution Servers machines (ES2 & ES3), using the tmart project files downloaded from TMART Central and recorded originally at the first server (ES1). But if I record from scratch the same transaction using workbench installed in ES2 & ES3, the transaction works OK, and no errors appears.


      The only difference between 3 locations are the proxy pac URL asocciated to each server. This URL is not defined at the Workbench transaction Profile, but it's defined in the Internet Explorer Connections definition. Trying to make this work, I've defined the proxy pac URL (zscaler), in project Profile, but this not makes difference, and timeout errors appears again.


      All transactions has been recorded with TMART internal browser.


      Please, any advice to make original web transactions recorded in ES1 to be executed on new Execution Servers would be appreciated. Record same transaction from different locations is not a solution for us.


      Thanks in advance.


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          Dan Egner

          You say "The only difference between 3 locations are the proxy pac URL asocciated to each server."


          I think that a lot of people make their PAC handle this. They make the PAC smart enough to handle three locations instead of having three PACs. I realize this will make the PAC more complex.


          Dan Egner

          BMC Software

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            Raul Torres

            Hello Dan,


            The PAC stuff is not included in transaction definition/profiles, what other elements can make a transaction fail in a server and in the same server works ok if re-record the same transaction with no differences with the previous one?


            Thanks again,


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              Hal DeVore



              How is your PAC setting different between the working and non-working script?


              While TM ART Workbench uses Internet Explorer or a browser of your choice for recording, IE is not used during playback of at least some types of scripts.


              For Web scripts (non BDM), proxy settings are in the project profile.  In the Workbench

              • Click on Settings, Active Profile...
              • Be sure Replay is selected in the icon strip on the left, click on Web
              • Click on the Proxy tab


              The proxy setting in the Profile can also be overridden using the WebSetProxy() function but I'm not sure if there is a function to set a PAC from the script.


              What you are reporting is very, very unusual.