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    BSA 8.x: how to handle java.util.List return type of a BLCLI

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      I'm writing a hole Compliance Rule for a Component Template, with a nsh script and I'm using the unreleased blcli command list.

      I've created some conditions with Condition.createServerObjectCondition and the return type of this blcli is com.bladelogic.om.infra.model.condition.expression.SelectorCondition .

      However, to create an if condition with Condition.createIfCondition, I need to turn the output of the previous blcli into a java.util.List type.

      To do so, I'm using the command Utility.objectToList which has a return type of java.util.List, as I want.

      The problem is that I don't know how to handle this return type. I don't know how to store it to pass it later as a parameter for another blcli. I have used blcli_storeenv and Utility.storeTargetObject but I think that none of them work.


      Does anyone know how to handle the java.util.List type?