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    8.5 Upgrade - Changes to provisioning files for BMI

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      For those upgrading to 8.5, please be sure to make the following changes to your pxestore to support windows provisoning


      1. Extract the 8.5-provision-files.zip file (download from EPD)
      2. Create a new folder in your pxestore called bmi
      3. Unzip the 8.5-provision-files.zip file
      4. Copy the 8.5-provision-files\provisioning\pxe\bmiwin.exe to the new bmi folder in your pxestore
      5. Copy the blibeay32.dll and blssleay32.dll files from 8.5-provision-files\provisioning\winpe\x86 to the bmi folder in your pxestore
      6. Delete the bmiwin.exe if it exists in the root of your pxestore
      7. The bmilinux.tar file can be copied to the root folder of your pxestore - NOT the bmi folder you created. If the file exists, please overwrite with this version.


      The document will be updated to reflect these changes: https://docs.bmc.com/docs/display/bsa85/Setting+up+a+data+store


      The Blade ZipKit for an example PXE folder structure has been updated for 8.5 and can be found here:

      Blade ZipKit - Pxestore and tftproot example folder structure for BSA Windows PXE Servers