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    Ideas for a Twitter - BMC Remedy ITSM integration

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      Hi All,


      I am working on a Twitter - AR System integration, so far I have developed a plugin that is able to query and show tweets in the AR System and post Tweets, replies and direct messages. You can find a few screenshots here, as you can see it is very standard twitter client functionality.


      I have published the plugin as open source, and you can download it here; so everyone can install it and use it in their applications or as a standalone. It is an Java ARDBC plugin, running on AR System 7.5 and connecting to twitter over a java api (twitter4j).


      What I'm looking to do now is to integrate functionality in the ITSM 7.x Suite applications. I have a few ideas but am curious for other ideas that you might have. Some ideas that I'm looking to implement are:


      • Add twitter username to the CTM:People form with a table of tweets from that user.
      • Be able to send Direct Messages to users when their Incident/Change gets updated
      • Send Direct Messages on assignment / approvals
      • Creat a tweet from the Broadcast functionality for planned outages etc.


      Other ideas include an integration with knowledge management, so based on a tweet/dm someone sends, it can automatically reply with a KB entry.


      I'm curious to see if you have any other ideas for integration of Twitter functionality in the ARSystem, please let me know in the comments section below!

      As it's just a 'free-time' project I might not have the time to implement everything, however it would be nice to see if and how it can be done.


      Many thanks,

      Sebastiaan de Man




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