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    Determining the Parameter Type in PSL


      Is it possible to determine the Style (as in "Text", "Gauge", Graph" etc), from a PSL script? I cannot see an obvious namespace variable which would simply tell me the Style, but I need to check because I need to export a list of all the parameters currently in alarm, and Text parameters can cause problems because their values can be multi-line!

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        • 1. Determining the Parameter Type in PSL

          You cannot get the style directly from PSL, but you can ask PEM to get it for you with the following PSL script and attached PEM executable and source:

          Make whatever modifications you want.

          function getOutputMode(mode)
          modes = [ "None", "Text", "Gauge", "Graph", " ", "State Boolean", "Stoplight" ];

          ret = trim(nthlinef(modes, trim(mode,"\n")), "\n");

          return ret;

          print("================ GetParamAttributes================\n");
          cmd = get("/patrolHome")."pemapi/paramtype.exe";
          output = execute("OS", cmd);

          print("Output Mode = ".getOutputMode(nthlinef(output, "7") + 1));

          print("================ End GetParamAttributes================\n");