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    Using public key crypto in Remedy as a developer

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      OK, so throughout the discussion forums there is a lot of weird discussion of using permissions to control access to data, which from a security perspective is only half the battle. I'd really like to be able to properly encrypt and decrypt data as required throughout the system. From form fields being stored in the database to variables returned from webservices consumed in filters, I need some guidance on how best to manipulate the data safely using public key crypto.


      As an example, we are consuming a webservice that is returning some sensitive information encrypted against a X509 keypair. The web service has the public key and is encrypted the response so we can decrypt it with the private key from within Remedy. I can't seem to find information on how I could do that, using some sort of RSA crypto service provider. If I was doing this in .NET, it would be pretty easy...


      var privateKey = (RSACryptoServiceProvider) credential.ClientCertificate.PrivateKey;

      var bytes = Convert.FromBase64String(resultFromWebService);

      var decryptedData = privateKey.Decrypt( bytes, isfOAEP );


      So how do I do that same type of thing in Remedy?