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    Re: Deploy Jobs fails

      Sorry to bring up an old issue but I figured it would be good to reference previous posts to provide context....


      I too am having the same issues as everyone else....did this ever get solved? Here are my details and info on issues that my environment is having that seems to be the same issue as everyone else:



      platform: Windows Server 2008 R2 (application server)

      database: Oracle 11gR2

      agents on all server:


      *windows online patch download run and complete 100% (with exception of on-going sharepoint mapping warnings)

      *windows online patch analysis run and complete 100%

      *windows online patch remediation fail

      *error messages:


      bldeploy - ProcessExecutor::createProcess batchFile=C:/Program Files/BMC Software/BladeLogic/RSCD/\sbin\BlPatchCheck2.exe, cmd=BlPatchCheck2.exe 1 "C:\tmp\stage\c08b9a78019a35a8ae9d7a3e0dc0dcf6\\shavlik\pd5.xml" "C:\tmp\stage\c08b9a78019a35a8ae9d7a3e0dc0dcf6\\shavlik\shavlik_apply_config.xml", cmdDir=C:\tmp\stage\c08b9a78019a35a8ae9d7a3e0dc0dcf6\\shavlik

      bldeploy - ProcessExecutor::wiatForSingleProcess: exitCode = 1

      bldeploy - chdir to original Dir: 'C:\'

      bldeploy - BlPatchCheck2.exe failed. Return Code: 1

      bldeploy - Unable to run the Shavlik packager for generating deployment batch files

      bldeploy - [][] Pre-apply for BLPACKAGE failed

      bldeploy - [][] Pre-ApplyDo failed -processing sub-list: id =

      bldeploy - [][] Package failed = BLPACKAGE

      bldeploy - No Package items were processed. Package was already completed or empty.

      bldeploy - [1][<TEST WINDOWS PATCH NAME HERE>] Removing asset: 1

      bldeploy - [1][<TEST WINDOWS PATCH NAME HERE>] Asset count in the preprocessor is 0. Cleaning up the asset preprocessor object

      bldeploy - Apply failed, no rollback.

      bldeploy - Unknown return code type for directory delete settings: 4

      bldeploy - DeletePkg = 0 DeleteUndo = 0

      bldeploy - Bldeploy done - nRet = 4 (Apply failed no rollback was created) exitCode = -4001 (Deployment failed)




      *I have a ticket open and am working with support but I figured I'd post it here to see if support may have overlooked an older issue that had already been figured out


      *only some windows servers have issues....majority of servers are perfectly fine




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