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    Connection to TM ART database after a system restart



      I ran into an interesting problem today, after I'd restarted the TM ART application server and database server after OS patching. Someone else from our company (basically an end-user, not an admin) tried to connect to the TM ART GUI, but instead got automatically logged in as the default user "scc" and directed to the screen Administration --> System where the database user name and password were requested.

      Meanwhile, I went to the same screen, and entered the correct information. At that point the person tried entering their TM ART credentials to the database configuration screen, which of course didn't work. What did happen, was that the already established database connection got disconnected again due to those wrong credentials.


      So my question is, how could I handle the reboot phase so that no one else can login as the scc user and start messing around on the system. For example, is there a way to momentarily only allow login from the application server itself? That would basically limit the access for administrators only.

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          Eric Winfrey

          Perhaps set the Front-End service to Automatic (Delayed Start), so the Front-End Service start-up will be slightly delayed, and hopefully provide opportunity for App Server to connect to DB before anyone can pop in and do otherwise.

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            I've experienced the same issue, where for some reason (oracle patching perhaps) in the middle of the night TMART lost connection to the DB, and displayed this screen. Our command center watching this screen started entering all kinds of passwords, and locked out the system account.


            I think it's odd that the default action is to let any user access the system setting as SCC.

            At a minimum I'd think the config page should be a fixed or hidden URL, and not default page for any user that happens to hit the TMART console at the wrong moment.


            I like the idea of setting the front end server to manual start, so that I can control start up, and keep random users from getting in, but in my experience, a restart is not the sole cause.

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