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    Issue in change management console

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      Hi All,


      We are facing below mentioned issue in change management console:
      Whenever a user is completing a CR with future date, the CR is accepting it and it gets completed. Now the issue is that while completing the CR it should not accept the future date, and the same is working fine with the task console, if we try to complete the task with the future date it will not allow us to complete until and unless we correct it.


      While completing the CR the user has to provide the actual start date and actual end date.

      For EX: If I am completing the CR by today at 2 am then the complete date field value wil be :3/1/2014 2:00:00 AM ,and I am providing the actual end date value as : 4/1/2014 10:00:00 AM, ideally the CR, actual end date field should not accept the date value which is greater than complete date value.


      I am attaching the screenshot for your reference.

      Operating System  : RHEL 5
      Database Type   : Oracle 11g
      AR System Version / Patch : 8.0 SP2
      ITSM Version / Patch  : 8.0 SP1


      Please assist me on this issue.


      Thanks In Advance,