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    OCP java.lang.NullPointerException error

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      Hi AO Experts,


      I am trying to access OCP through browser. When I hit the required URL, it gets redirected to access manager (as expected). After that it goes to the console of OCP and shows an error as "java.lang.NullPointerException".


      Have a look into this aoocp.log


      2013-12-19 18:33:32,316 [http-48080-9] INFO  com.realops.ui.opsconsole.RequestHandler - No webservice is listening on https://xxxxxxx:28080/baocdp/ws/console?wsdl

      2013-12-19 18:33:32,316 [http-48080-9] ERROR com.realops.ui.opsconsole.RequestHandler - Exception occurred while checking the wsdl availability



      It also show this error on screen, pfa




      What could be the possible reason behind this error????