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    Localizing SRM 8.1

    Lovisa Rutland
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      I am working on localizing the SRM service request console (user interface part) into Swedish and have finally found most pieces in the application where one needs to create localized tags, labels, messages etc.


      One part that is left is the "Welcome,..." field at the top of the console. It seems to be an active link using a "service" action that is setting this field upon opening the form (ACTL called SRS:SRK:Initialize_ServiceCall). Does anyone know how it is getting its value or how I can get it localized?





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          Al O'Connor



          The filter SRS:SRK:Initialize_WelcomeTextInit retrieves the string from the SYS:Message Box form.  You can create new entries in the SYS:Message Box form, using a Message Tag value of "SRSWELCOME" with the locale field set appropriately for the locale you wish to add. 

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            Lovisa Rutland

            Thanks Al!

            That did the job!

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              Hi Lovisa,


              How did you Localized "DO YOU KNOW" portion of the Request Entry.. Please Suggest.






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                Saroj Sahu

                The marketing slides shown on SRM request entry console are image attachments. And the 'Did you know" text is part of the image. One can see the image attachments in "SRS:ServiceRequestImages" form records named as "image-marketing-<some-number>". I think this is designed so to allow custom slides to be shown on the console.

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                  hi lovisa, hope you are fine


                  can you please tell me how did you localize the right part of the console which is contain request detail

                  i am involved in this


                  please reply because this help me too much


                  thank you

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                    Lovisa Rutland

                    Hi Hunt,

                    I was translating a 8.0 SRM system. 8.1 is working a little different. Here are all the forms I had to go into and create new views with a swedish locale:











                    The SREC forms are handling different part of the console.


                    Additionally you need to create entries with your own locale in the following forms:


                    SYS:Message Box

                    AR System Message Catalog


                    (HTML configuration)


                    It is a bit of a mess with different parts translated in different places.....it took me a while to figure out where to go. Some of the error messages are still not translated because I cannot find the correct syntax.


                    add attachment dialog is a system dialog and cannot be translated with formsview but most likely needs to be updated in jar file or elsewhere. We left this one as is.


                    Hope this help,


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                      first of all, many thanks for your great reply

                      actually this help me to much , i have the final concern in this

                      in this picture there are 2 things i cannot localize  as shown



                      if you can advise me ,appreciate your help lovisa


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                        Try searching the below identifier in Message Catalog form.




                        If you dont find this than create entry with this identifier in Message Catalog form.


                        Hope this helps




                        Sunil Bhogayta

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                          Can you please let me know where to translate the expand box of any field (i.e. character field)?




                          In above screenshot, i am trying to convert Ok and Cancel button label.


                          Appreciate you help on the same.




                          Sunil Bhogayta

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                            Great work !