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    Incident Management Service CI tiered?

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      The company I am currently working at has a requirement to use the Service*+ field as a 3-tier menu, much like the Product/Operational Categorization.


      One of my colleagues who attended to a BMC Workshop states that BMC said it was possible to do it, but since I arrived after this workshop and this colleague doesn`t have any knowledge about Remedy ITSM, I am still without any clue on how to do it.


      The question is: Can this be done Out of The Box? The customization for that shouldn`t be too much of a problem, but the idea is to use all the out-of-the-box features before the customizing anything.




      Raphael Fernandes

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          Smita Ithape



          I want to know what type values you are expecting to make this field as 3 tier as we have categorization in place which can hold of the Tier values of Service CI whenever we select that CI .

          Juts trying to know the business requirement here if it has some additional expectation.



          Thank you,


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            Sherwin Russel



            I have a similar requirement, can anyone advise if this is possible?

            The Service CI in Incident Management, should have upto 3 tiers similar to the Assigned Group menu.

            Can this be achieved using the Business Service class?

            ex: Managed Service -> Managed LAN/Managed WAN/Managed Wifi (I need to group all Managed Services together, and the user should be able to select either Managed LAN or Managed WAN or Managed Wifi)