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    Clarification on Identification rules for BMC_NETWORKPORT class

    Gaurav Thakur

      Hi folks,


      Please help me understand this:


      For NETWORKPORT class we have identification rule as 'Name' =$Name$. We have data coming into CMDB for this class from ADDM.

      The starnge thing is that we have two instances in this class named "VLAN-999" in BMC.ASSET. I was wondering how we have duplicate data in ASSET dataset. When I pulled out report for these two instances I found one difference i.e 'Description' field .The values were VALN-999 on <ABC> and VLAN-999 on <XYZ>. ABC and XYZ are hostnames.


      Now what I fail to understand is how can we have two instances when the names are same becuase the Identification rule only cares for Name attribute not Description.


      Can someone please explain how it works?





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