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    Trouble defining escalation

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      I need to create an escalation for the following scenario:

      1. Agent A is working on a ticket, but cannot solve it so it passes it to Agent B.

      2. Agent B puts the ticket in "On Hold" status and asks Agent A for more details.

      3. Agent A puts the details in the Description field and save the ticket.

      4. Ticket status should automatically switch to "Work In Progress".

      How to fire escalation when Details field is filled in and current submitter is different than last ticket submitter? Or maybe I should use different approach?



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          To my knowledge there is nothing in the escalations that would say" if something has been entered in the Details field" and "it's a different submitter" then do something.  I would suggest rethinking your approach.


          Firing an escalation "on edit" without more specific criteria would be messy as it could be true too often.  At the step 3, when Agent A replies with information perhaps have a new status of "information provided" but it would be necessary to have them set it or a clear workflow that would trigger it?  And unless the questions are specific, who's to say that the information provided is sufficient to qualify for "Work in Progress" other than  according to worker B?


          Good luck.

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            After some thoughts I decided to add a flag "Answer provided". Agent A when replaying can select this flag. Based on that flag escalation is fired and status is set to WIP for Agent B.

            The whole idea is to motivate agents to solve issues. Without changing the status they will just keep the tickets on hold for as long as possible