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    So where is the best place for developer guidance?

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      So for the last few weeks we have been doing some integration work, mostly configuring our web services to work with Remedy. As we start rolling out the Remedy side, we find some basic stuff quite challenging with little to no documentation or guidance at docs.bmc.com.


      Where is the best place to find developer documentation? I'm not talking about dev 101 how to use Dev Studio. I'm looking more for guidance on things like:


      • How to create your first overlay
      • How to export your first overlay
      • How to properly add fields (it's more than just dropping it on a panel as we were led to believe)
      • Tips and tricks on things like cache behaviour, permission sets etc
      • Advanced configuration and access to web services (like using client certs when calling an external service)


      I've had the privilege of getting a nice introductory session with some of the folks at BMC, but what is missing is practical examples and guidance for people new to the platform. I was hoping BMC Communities would be a good starting point, but there is no logical flow or documents I can find.


      Perhaps we can use this thread to start putting pointers to all the docs and practical examples out there?