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    Email engine installation and MAPI configuration

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      Hello All,


      Need your help in


      Our environment has four AR servers (Version 7.6.04 and in server group) on RHEL 5.8. Our client uses MAPI protocol for incoming and SMTP for outgoing. Since MAPI is not supported on Linux platform earlier BMC support suggested we install email engine on a windows server and point it to the primary AR server. We tried installing email engine on the Windows server. Installation completed with the below warning.







      Email error.PNG

      After installation we do not see any services related to email engine. The server is a standalone(does not belong to any domain) and we used local Administrator account to install the email engine. We are able to ping the email server from the windows server. Also is it sufficient to install the email engine alone, like we did or is it required to install the entire AR server? If there are any other prerequisites with respect to MAPI configuration please let us know.

      Kindly help us with your suggestions.


      Kind Regards,


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          Mark Walters

          You'll need Outlook installed and configured on the Windows system to access the mailbox you are using for mail.  The email engine service needs to run as this user so that it has permission to access the MAPI profile and mailbox.  The details are in the docs here https://docs.bmc.com/docs/display/public/ars81/Email+Engine+pre-installation+tasks+--+Windows


          You can manually create the service once the above is done - see https://docs.bmc.com/docs/display/public/ars81/Remotely+installing+or+upgrading+Email+Engine



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            Thank you for the document links. Some doubts regarding the pre installation tasks.

            1. Is it required that the server where email engine will be installed be added to a domain, although the mail server is reachable in standalone mode?
            2. Our mailbox name is remedyservice. So am I correct to assume that a domain user called remedyservice has to be created and the installation of email engine has to done while logged on as remedy service?

            Request your help.


            Kind Regards,


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              Jason Miller

              When using MAPI to send/receive email the Email Engine uses the Outlook APIs to do the work.  That is why OL needs to be installed.  As a general rule before you even get to working with the Email Engine you need to login to the server as the user that the Email Engine service will run as and configure OL and the mail profile.  If that user cannot send/receive email then the EE will not be able to either (using MAPI).  Once you have OL working logged in as the account that will be used then you can start to work on the EE.


              1. It is not a requirement that the server be on a domain (subject to your environment's Exchange policies).  The EE just needs to connect to OL to send/receive email.  If that can be done off-domain then that will work for the EE.
              2. The Exchange mailbox name is irrelevant.  What you need to configure is the Profile name that was used to open OL and retrieve email from Exchange.  The EE service will need to Log On As this user but not necessarily during the install.


              In the pictures below we logged in to Windows as the user that the EE service will run as once everything is setup.




              This profile is configured to connect to the Exchange account (notice the profile name is not the same as the mailbox name.



              I am not including a screenshot for this but at this point we open OL and make sure that as a user email can be sent and received.


              After the EE is installed the service will be running as Local System.  Local System does not have access the the mail profile (in my example 'itsmtest').  Change the Service to Log On As the Windows account where the mail profile was created and restart the EE service (it can be local account or domain account).



              In the AR System Email Mailbox Configuration form you enter the profile name that was used when setting up the mail profile (image 1)






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                Jason Miller

                After all that explanation, it doesn't address why you can't install the EE 


                The error is indicating that the account that the installer is running as does not have access to create the service.  When I install the EE I login with my domain account that is a local admin.  I right click the setup.exe and select 'Run as administrator'.  By doing that you are running the account that has permissions to install a service.


                Your error indicates that the account doesn't exist though.  It looks like all that failed was creating the Windows service.  The install was mostly successful except that part.  This can be done manually by using the document Mark provided.


                I never pre-configure any of the EE during the installation.  I just blow past those screens and configure the EE and service post-install.

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                  Hi Jason,


                  Thanks a lot for the detailed information. We were able to install email engine without any errors. We first created a local user, added it to the local admin group, provided advance rights(act as part of operating system, logon as service). Logged in as this new user to the windows machine we were able to install email engine .  Ofcourse with your post as a detailed guide we installed successfully.


                  We are now facing a new issue for which we need your help.


                  We have installed and configured OL client, set up a profile as per instructions. Now after configuring the mailbox in Remedy we are not receiving any emails.  Attached is the error from the mail logs.


                  When we try to run emailstart.bat manually  a pop up opens with the message " There is no default mail client or the current mail client cannot fulfill the messaging request"

                  We checked and outlook has been configured as the default mail client.


                  Is there any specific version of outlook client to be installed? In one of the previous posts they have suggested not to use outlook 2010 or 64 bit client while using MAPI. Our mail server is Exchange 2010 and the present client is 2010 64 bit. We have used 32 bit JAVA while installation.


                  Any other suggestions that can help us resolve this issue.




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                    Niranjan Paradkar

                    Hi Rumya,


                    The error you are getting is very generic one. For MAPI, email engine needs 32 Bit java and outlook client.


                    Kindly install and configure 32 bit outlook and make sure we are running email engine service with the user for which outlook profile is configured.


                    Email logon User.JPG.jpg




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                      Jason Miller

                      As Niranjan indicated everything, OL and JRE wise needs to be 32-bit.  I can see how you would get the attached error if one of the components is 64-bit.  I remember one time I forgot to select the 32-bit Java when installing and I think the error was similar.


                      We are still using OL 2007 with the Email Engine.  Our Exchange infrastructure is 2010.  Personally it seems like using MAPI is a dying solution (BMC please let me know if I am wrong).   Unfortunately our organization does not allow POP or IMAP and since it is on Windows MBOX isn't an option for incoming email.  I am not sure what we will do once MAPI is no longer an option.  My team may have to setup our own email server that allows IMAP/POP and that will forward email to Exchange?

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                        Hi Jason and Niranjan,


                        Thanks for your valuable inputs. The issue is resolved now.

                        We installed 32 bit outlook client and tested. We got the same error. Then we moved the server to the domain(same as the domain of exchange server) and used a domain user to run the remedy service. Retained the 32 bit OL client. This worked perfectly fine.




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                          Jason Miller

                          Just ran across this old thread and figured I would add an update. Since my reply in 2013 my team ended up running our own email server so we can move away from MAPI and it has been working great!


                          Some more info here: Re: Volume of Inbound Email Accounts


                          Not only has email processing be much, much more stable (example in linked thread) but we also no longer need to maintain a 32-bit JRE on our AR Servers (and Outlook too of course).