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    Gamification worth it?

    LJ LongWing
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      Just speaking personally, if the badgeville 'enhancements' to the system are the cause of the problems over the last week or so, I'm not entirely sure they were worth it...especially if they continue like they are.

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          Laurent Matheo

          It's a "false" problem, it seems no rollback is possible so well... And anyway gamification in itself isn't bad, actually it can be "fun" if the right balance is found.

          Don't tell me you never had problems going into prod and had to fix with a mad customer breathing over your shoulder


          Don't forget!

          "A beginning is a very delicate time"



          A beginning is a very delicate time.


          Know then that it is the year two thousand and thirteen. The known universe is ruled by the emperor Matt Laurenceau the first, the idol.


          In this time the most precious substance in the universe is Point. The Point extends ego, the Point expands awareness, the Point is vital to personal enablement. The Bogus Guild and its Spammers who the Point has mutated over four weeks use the Points gas, which gives them the ability to corrupt communities, that is to reach top 10 transcendance without thinking.


          Oh yes, I forgot to tell you, the Point exists on only one planet in the entire universe, a blue, fertile community, with many places. Hidden away on its oceans are a people known as the Jive men, who have long held a prophecy that a man would come, a messiah, who would lead Gamification to true balance.


          The planet is Bmc community, also known as... Dune.

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            LJ LongWing


            At time I'm SURE you have too much time on your hands to be able to come up with things like that...wow ....yes, I'm sure that it'll balance out in the long run, but 'in the moment', it's not working all that well.

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              Laurent Matheo


              It was fun it's been a long time I didn't play Dune (I don't mention the movie, hurts my feelings compared to the books).


              Anyway I do agree with you... It's buggy as hell right now and I feel like there is less activity on the communities (but perhaps it's just a feeling).

              I'm sure though it impacts casual users since notifications come and go.

              As for "us" who are used to community... It's a pain right now not beeing able to rely on notifications anymore (not speaking about the top10 here, it's another story). At least for me.


              To be fair I don't have more information so can't tell if it comes from Badgeville, from another Jive issue / bug or gremlins... Right now it's "a bug and we're working with Jive" so well... Wait & See.

              But sure it's bad timing, especially for Gamification which is supposed to be... fun


              On the technical side, my guess is that if they could have easily done a rollback they would have done it already so I don't even know if there is a way to come back to the old system or if they want it.

              The more time flies, the more difficult it'll be to rollback.


              But yeah... I try to be optimistic, but I'm like you or Jason or others here... I don't like it, but now... Do we have a choice here but wait?

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                Carl Wilson

                Too many complaints, email intermittent, badges not reflecting real status, unbelievable points balances, no one understands what the new changes are about .....


                Good candidate to either get it working (or it should have been tested more thoroughly - a standard needed for BMC  products) or roll back until the bugs are sorted.


                It is extremely hard to track anything without email - I think this is currently the biggest issue with everything else just being a nibble in comparison.

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                  Jason Miller

                  LOL! That is great! I vaguely remember the movie from when I was a kid. I should watch it since I read the book a few years ago.

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                    rite.. i also dont understand what the new point system is about.

                    sure it's been fun to have more things to reach, but kinda confusing (so "much more" of them)





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                      Sylvain YVON

                      There should be a badge for quoting Dune on the forums.

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                        Matt Laurenceau
                        Thanks all for transparently sharing your perspective.

                        I apologize for the problems that you're facing (that I face too as you can guess).

                        We are definitely aware of the issues, and are actively working to fix them

                        See BMC Communities: changes pre+post Halloween 

                        Such issues were not IDed during UAT testing.

                        Tech team is working with the vendor(s) to have things back on track ASAP.

                        As all of you ITIL-savvy people can guess, we're having an incident management and problem management approach.


                        • Some Halloween magic has already been applied to fix fundamental issues 
                        • More news next week
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                          Carl Wilson

                          Can we chalk it up to being Halloween gremlin's :)

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                            LJ LongWing

                            Only if they are gone by tonight

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                              Matt Laurenceau

                              LJ, Carl, tech team is working on terminating the gremlin's eggs this week (so that new one do not appear later). Next week, we'll hunt the outstanding gremlins.

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                                Matt Laurenceau

                                I'll talk with Amit Rajesth today. It seems that his wand is still warm with all the gremlin's fights he had these past days. He seems to be successful! congrats

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                                  Sylvain YVON

                                  Congrats to Amit & the admin team, it was probably a rough couple of weeks !


                                  About the new gamification system, I can't help feeling a bit frustrated. It looks like it encourages quantity over relevance/quality. When I looked at the top contributors for the Remedy space, I used to see the names of people like Laurent, Misi, LJ, Carl, Vincent, Jason, ... which sounded just right, considering their dedication.

                                  I don't know how it is in the other spaces, but now when I look at the top users for Remedy, it just doesn't ring a bell anymore.

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                                    Matt Laurenceau

                                    Fair feedback Sylvain YVON.

                                    You know me, I also sure want all these great contributors to appear again at the Top of the leaderboard.


                                    Now that the platform works again, we'll spend time to fix ("tune" would be an understatement) the new point system.


                                    BTW, while Amit (in Abhishek Arun's team) was fixing gory side effect consequences of the update,

                                    • Chetan Mahendru was applying fixes on the point system to stop some points to skyrocket
                                    • David Costa's team was fixing some badge+points automation
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