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    Service Model Setting

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      Out of the box, the default setting for the field 'PublishtoSIM' on the Atrium Core Base Element form is "No: Do not publish me nor my providers." We have a service model that includes some CIs discovered in ADDM.  Consumers of the data want the CIs in the service model to default to "implicit." (please screen print attached).  What is the best way to do this?


      1.  Set all CIs to default to "Implicit" (300,000+  CIs in Base Element)

      2.  Set only the CIs in the service model to "Implicit."


      If I modify the field in "PublishtoSIM" in the Base Element form to default to "Implicit" - this changes the default for ALL CIs that are created.  Is this going to degrade performance?  Is this the right way to get the CIs that the service model uses to display the value "Implicit."


      My thoughts are:  if there are let's say 200 CIs in the service model, why not set the 200 CIs to "implicit." and leave all the remaining CIs to "No:  Do not publish me nor my providers."  If all 300,000 CIs are set to "Implicit" - is this practical? Whatever makes good business sense is what we want to do.  Or is it better to just set the default for all CIs since there is no impact.


      Please advise.


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