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    AR System  Email Messages : Field Values

    Ranjith P E
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      Hi All,


      I have seen below error in arerror  log,


      390620 : Could not create alert event (ARERR 372)

      Value does not fall within the limits specified for the field :  (Maximum length - 32000) : AR System

      Email Messages : Field Values

      any solution for this issue..?

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          Hi ranjith,


          Can you please provide us with more details about environment? I would suggest to enable workflow logging when you are getting this error to take deep down in this issue..

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            Hi Ranjith,


            390620 - RPC Socket for specific application. Check ar.cfg


            Error is because of the following field:

            Form: AR System Email Messages

            Field: Field Values (ID - 18106)

            Input Length = 32000



            ARERR 372 details - which you must have checked already are as follows:

            Could not create alert event.

            The server could not create an alert event request in the database. An associated error message contains details. The following are possible causes:

            - The server could not find an Alert Events form.

            - More than one form with the reserved alert events fields was found. All but one form must be removed.

            - The request was not added to the database.


            We would require server side logs(Filter/SQL/API) taken at the time when this entry is created in arerror.log to check the issue in detail.






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              Robert Poulos

              This is strictly an email generation issue.  The message text that references "alert event" is a mistake caused by the server overusing a particular error message.  The appended text is very useful because it's telling you that for a particular email being generated, the field values that were intended to be included in the email could not fit into the field with responsibility for holding them on the AR System Email Messages form.  As others have suggested, use logging to determine where this problem is originating from and determine if the email message may be including more field data than it needs to.

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                I have the same issue, do you have a solution of this issue?