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    Tuner Remote Deployment

    Varad Pandit
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      Hello All,


      We've 6 geographical repeater (placed at each site) , and we want to do remote deployment for tuner at each site using repeater. We couldn’t deploy tuner over WAN due to bandwidth restriction. How can we use repeater to deploy tuner? Is there any other way to do the remote deployment locally at each site?




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          Hi Vishu,


          This should be possible using the stub installer option while creating the tuner installer. You need to specify the repeater on which you want to publish the stub file.




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            Young So

            I would recommend using the Domain controller %netlogon% share.  That's the easiest way I've done over varies network around the world.  You put the tuner install on it with script that detect OS and tuner state.  Then it installs on workstation OS only.  If you need the script.  I can post here.

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              Varad Pandit


              Please provide us the script so that we can try for remaining EP's




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                Young So

                Here is the link to the logon script in FSRK. 




                That should give you a starting point.  I would recommend copy the your tuner installer on %logonserver%\%share%  Instead of mapping the drive to a file server.


                REM SAMPLE Logic to detect the OS

                @Echo off




                     IF "%OS%"=="Windows_NT" GOTO Transmitter else goto Netuse



                    net use y: %logonserver%\tuner$



                    if exist %windir%\checkras.exe goto RAS95

                    xcopy y:\checkras.exe %windir%\ /H /R /V /D /y





                %windir%\CHECKRAS.EXE > nul\

                if errorlevel 1 goto END




                if exist "c:\progra~1\marimba\castan~1\lib\ldap.jar" goto Skip1

                xcopy y:\ProdTnr.exe %windir%\ /H /I /R /V /D




                Echo. *******************************************

                Echo. *                        *

                Echo. *                        *

                Echo. *       Please wait while the Marimba     *

                Echo. *        tuner installs            *

                Echo. *                        *

                Echo. *                        *

                Echo. *                        *

                Echo. *******************************************



                goto end

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                  Varad Pandit

                  Hi Greg,


                  Could you just give an example how to do it. how to publish the stub on particular repeater?

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                    Hey Vishu, while creating the installer select the Create a Stub installer..




                    What is basically does is creates a profilename_stub file which is a stripped down version of the tuner and publishes the Full installer to the location specified above on the master tx. This Full installer will then get replicated out to the mirrors and repeaters. Then you will need to run the profilename_stub installer on the endpoints via remote deployment or any other method and based on the redirection policy set in your environment the endpoint will get redirected to the appropriate repeater or mirror. 




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                      Varad Pandit

                      Hi Gerg,


                      Thanks, it works successfully