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    IE can open the site but Workbench can't record it...

    Flavio Bonacordi

      Hi There,


      Someone where alredy experience something like that?


      I have a website... I'm on the box where the Workbench software is installed and I'm about to record a new script.


      If I open IE "outisde" the workbench I'm able to open the website and navigate...


      When I click on the RECORDING feature and open the IE, when I visit the link I got a warning about the SSL and I chose to continue, when I continue I got a navigation error.


      But I can garantee the website is up since I'm able to visit the link using IE, in the same box, ouside Workbench.


      I tried to visit the page without record the script using the weburl call... but that return me


      Any hints?


      It's a HTTPS link that I'm trying to visit.