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    CLM 3.1.1 - Deployment Sequence and Pass Parameters



      I have a question to CLM 3.1.1 and hope someone can help.

      I didn't find the information in the documentation, but I'm sure it is there.


      I want to define a blueprint which installs a DB server, an APP server and a WEB server. So I let CLM provision all three compute containers first. Then I want to install the DB application.

      Now I need to tell the APP installation package the hostname of the DB server, as the APP should use the other server as DB server.


      How can I provide the hostname (and other sever parameters like the IP) of a server provisioned in in this process to an installation package on a different server? Letting the end user entering the hostname is not an option as CLM is generating the hostname and the customer does not know it at the request time.