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    Service Request Notifications - Include Resolution Details

      I have a requirement to include the 'Resolution' details in Service Request customer Notifications when the status of the associated incident is set to resolved or ‘Completed' in SRM. This would be for requests that have created Incident fulfillments.


      OOTB the Request management notification templates in the SYS:NOTIFICATION messages form for 'completed' status do not include the #RESOLUTION# field as this is a Incident management field only.


      My question is has anyone had experience successfully implementing a customisation that enables this functionality, or can someone provide some insight about the easiest way to achieve this either by exposing the field in the SRM template or identifying a way to use the incident notification template for Service Requests.


      Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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          Laurent Matheo

          Is your request a standard one or AIF?

          What you could do is, when the "resolution" field is feeded on incident, append the value to a field in the SRM:Request, a field that would be available in the "#...#" list.


          Or create a field in SRM:Request, push the "resolution" value from incident to this field an use this SRM:Request new field for notification.

          Though if you do that, you would also have to copy the value to two forms and so on, I gave an example for Incident here:


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            Requests are standard, not AIF. Do you know the filter that would push information form the help desk to srm requests form upon closure of thr incident? I could use this to map resolution details to one of the sr type fields that is not used and expose in the template body field menu? Thanks for your suggestions.

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              Laurent Matheo

              No I don't have this information. I guess logging filter would give it to you

              In fact I don't know if this kind of filter exist... Or are you speaking of the filter that changes the SRM:Request status?

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                Perhaps it doesn't exist as you mention and would need creating , I will check this. If you know what sets the status of the request to completed that would be a useful starting point. Thanks.

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                  Carl Wilson


                  if are wanting to include the Incident Resolution on the Service Request Notification, then you would need to create workflow and a field on the SRM:Request Form to hold the value of the Incident Resolution for use with the Service Request Notification.  You would then need to modify the Notification Engine workflow to push this value through and replace it with the appropriate values.


                  My question regarding this would be - are you using Incident Notifications to the end user?

                  The Incident based Notification messages include the Resolution field:







                  The Requester should get these messages if configured correctly.  Alternately, you could write a custom Notification Filter (e.g. xxx_SetTag) that checks for a Service Request and then sends out the appropriate Notification.


                  There would be more than one Notification received, so it would be a business decision on what direction to take.  I have seen customers that limit the number of Notifications that are sent from Service Requests as they deemed them to be too many i.e. Service Request Notifications, Application Notifications, Survey Notifications, etc.









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                    Thanks for you comments Carl,


                    I believe the easiest approach that you mention would be to use the Incident Notifications as the field is already included in the templates.


                    Then my next question would be, What workflow need to be modifyed so that the console sends the customer from SRM a incident notification and not the SRM notification. There must be a flag in the helpdesk form that identifies the INC number to the associated service request in order to send the correct email.


                    Regards, Chris.

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                      Carl Wilson

                      Hi Chris,

                      The Incident form contains a field called "SRID" which holds the value of the associated Service Request (SRM:Request) a field called "Created From flag".  These are used with Notifications to not send when the request is generated from SRM (as it uses the SRM configuration below).


                      As for the Service Request Notifications, these are controlled from the Service Request Definition via the Notifications options (Checkboxes).


                      Therefore, you would need to modify the OOB Notification Filters and remove the exclusion or create your own Filters for your requirement.  These Filters run at Execution Order "853", so take a look at these.


                      E.g. HPD:INC:NTCustRes_853_SetTag







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                        Hi Chris,


                        As per OOTB design, if incident is created through service request then incident notifications will be supressed and only service request notifications will get triggered( As per SRD notifications configuration). Because, it does not make sense to fire same kind of notifications twice.( One for incident resolution and another for service request completion).


                        There are OOTB filters on HPD:HelpDesk form which sends updates to SRM via CAI events and CAI event parameters. You need to include "Resolution Details" field in push field action to CAI:Event Parameters form for "Resolved"" status filter on HPD:HelpDesk form.




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                          Thanks Sachin, Useful information,


                          I think i now have a few options available how to best achieve this request.


                          The OOTB filters your refer to for the HelpDesk form which send the updates to SRM, do you know what the are called?


                          Regards, Chris.

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                            Hi Chris,


                            The OOTB filters on HPD:HelpDesk form starts with INT:SRMHPD:.

                            You need to turn on server side filter logs for exact filter name when incident is resolved.




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                              Carl Wilson


                              regardless if you use a custom Filter or use the CAI to send across the Resolution field for use with the SRM Notifications, the Notification Engine workflow would need to be modified to "Translate" the value from the Notification Message into the actual value ..... Plus you would need an associated field to hold this value for use with the translation.






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                                Greg Johnson

                                Here's another approach which I am about to try, that may or may not apply to anyone else reading this:


                                I have the requirement to send a resolution regardless of whether it's a work order or an incident.  Also, we are only sending notifications from Request, to avoid ticket number confusion between incident, request, work order, etc.


                                When a work order is completed or an incident resolved - I'm going to open the work info in a create dialog view with an active link.  The resolution field value will be in the notes field of the work info, and it will be marked public.  When it's saved, it goes to the requester as an activity log update via CAI regardless of the fulfillment object - and tells them it's resolved.  Too simple?

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                                  I am on crabapples side here. We are doing it quite the same and add work infos including information for the customer.

                                  The problem with sending the resolution text via incident notification is, that the customer will not be able to see it in the SRM Portal - unless you do more customizing. That means, that the customer has to keep the email so see the resolution again which is not a good solution in my opinion.

                                  But there are still other minor problems. in 7.6.4 the notification about a updated workinfo is hard coded in a filter and not using the messaging subsystem. If you want to make it in a good way, you need to customize it here as well and create notification events, messages..

                                  Also doing it this way means, that the customer will receive a "Request closed" notification plus a  "work information" update.

                                  For that process, there is a lot of space for improvements. Why not just make two fields on the forms - one for the internal technical solution and one for the communication with the customer?

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                                    How can you display the resolution with the view tickets and request page set or in the details of the service request?




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