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    BBSA Snapshot Job


      Hi All,

      I am new in BBSA


      What is use of snapshot feature in BBSA.

      Like can we take snap shot of a particular server with services or installed Application status.And Then use this snap-shot for Audit purpose.


      What are steps do I need to fallow to do this.

      (what will order for  Component template, Template, snapshot, Audit)

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          Hi Jack,


          Snapshot mean in Bladelogic is snapshot of configurations not server. Snapshot of configurations will be used for audit, compliance and deployment of one server configurations to other servers.


          Say Example, You want to audit a windows Service 'XYZ', as per your company policy it should be up and running. Then you need to follow below steps:


          1. Create Component Template with service as part.
          2. Run the discovery job against to the host  ( WIN-RSIGB40S8H1) or manually create component for the component template
          3. run the snapshot job against server WIN-RSIGB40S8H1, before making change on status of the service
          4. then make change on service status ( say make it stop and disable)
          5. then audit the server with snapshot ( taken in step 3) as master and target server as WIN-RSIGB40S8H1. You can also add n number of servers or Server group into TARGET.


          It should provide the audit job result with changes details you made in step 4.




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            Bill Robinson

            snapshot jobs are meant to take a snapshot of the configuration of a server at a particular point in time and that can be used later as the master of an audit (comparison) or to create a package out of for deploy.  they are not meant to provide full image restore.


            so the simplest way would be to create a snapshot job based on server assets (no component template) - just add in the parts directly, run the snapshot.  if you want to check changes against that server only, just re-run the snapshot and you can look at the 'change tracking' tab in the results to see the delta.  that actually works w/ multiple targets as well.


            if you want to use the snapshot from a single server against many then you would use that snapshot as the master of an audit job.


            you would want to use a template if you need to parameterize paths - eg parts are in /C/Windows on some boxes and /C/Winnt on others.  or if you have multiple instances of a thing on your servers that you need to compare - eg multiple instances or oracle or websphere.

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              Joe Piotrowski

              People sometimes confuse the term "snapshot." In VMware you can create a snapshot of an entire VM. In BSA, you take snapshots of different server parts, not the entire server. Some things you probably don't want to snapshot in BSA like your entire file directory or the entire Windows registry.

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