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    ARERR 120516 while running a normalization job!

    Gaurav Thakur

      Hi All,


      I am trying to normalize product model name for a CI. OOTB there is an entry for Microsoft 2007 in Product Catalog.

      I have created an alias in NE:Productname Alias form as follows:


      Alias Name: MS 2007

      Actual Name: Microsoft Office 2007(it is there in PC)


      The CI in my staging set is having Model Name as MS2007. Per my understanding it should get normalized and the ModelName should be replaced by Microsoft Office 2007.


      But in NE logs I see ARERR 120516. It says Could not find any unique entry in Product catalog ,Product Catalog Key:Null, Model name:MS2007, Manufacturer: Microsoft Corporation,Version:Null, Patch:Null,


      My understanding is first of all this alias mapping form is looked up and is replaced with Actual name and there should be a look up with the name Microsoft Office 2007 and not MS2007.


      Please correct if I am wrong somewhere.


      Version is ARS 8.1


      Thanks in advance!