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    BMTM - QNami & QPasa

    Sameer Salve
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      I want to know the difference between QNami & Q Pasa implementation under the current BMTM solution.

      What are the mandatory modules required to be installed for QNami & QPasa.

      Any help on this is appreciated.




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          Q Pasa! and Q Nami! are the old names for two products in the BMC Middleware Management family.

          Q Pasa! is now called BMC Middleware Monitoring (BMM)

          Q Nami! is now called BMC Application Transaction Tracing (BATT)

          Both of these products are sold as license add-ons to the BMC Middleware Management Licensed product.


          From a technical perspective, BMM and BATT rely on the same infrastructure and are installed from the same media (the media is called BMC Middleware and Transaction Monitoring - BMTM).  The functionality that you get is determined by the license key that you enter.  The infrastructure uses a Publish/Subscribe architecture.  There is a common broker called the Topic Service and a series of common Subscribers to handle common functions (the Event Service evaluates Boolean conditions based on the properties of Topics and generates alerts to BMC Event Manager, EMail, Log Files, ...; the History Service stores the values of topics into a database for trending and analysis over time; the Application Service subscribes to the topics needed to populate dashboards when users log in; the ProactiveNet Service sends topic values into ProactiveNet for dynamic baselining and inclusion as monitors in service models).  All of this is installed only once (as the BMTM Server).  On the individual monitored systems, you install the BMTM Agent.  That agent provides the publishing services to components on that system.  All of that is common to BATT and BMM.  The difference is the BMM and BATT Extensions that gather data on the monitored systems and publish it.  BMM Extensions gather aggregate properties like the PCF properties in MQ or the JMX properties in WAS or WLS or the Flow Stats properties in Message Broker or the XML Management Interface properties in DataPower.  Each of those 5 would be a separate BMM extension, but all just gather data and use the Publishing services of the Agent.  Similarly, there are BATT extensions for MQ (an API Exit), Message Broker (a WMB Exit), WAS/WLS (a Servlet Filter), DataPower (a Log Action processor) and many more.  These also use the Publishing Services of the same Agent.


          I hope that explains the technical differences for you.



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            Sameer Salve

            Thanks Eric. This is exactly what I was looking for.



            Sameer Salve

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              Great.  Glad to help.  Let me know if you got further questions.