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    Dynamic URL

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      How does EUEM works with Dynamic URL. We have just bought the product.


      Some of our applications runs on websphere server, hence we get dynamic URLs while accessing the application.


      Example of dynamic url that I am referring is:



      We don't have pages like



      How can we get a work around with this issue? I mean, when we get any issue and when we try to group the pages by "URI Stem" or "Referrer", we see list of records/pages however which ideally is just couple of page on the application.


      My question is how can we identify pages that generates dynamic URL? Can we setup some custom fields to identify those pages? If yes, how can we do that? or is there any other solution to this problem?

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          Bao Phac Do



          If your URI stems are dynamically generated, are there other sources of information in the request or response that we can use to track a page identity?


          For example, Siebel uses the same URI stem (start.swe) for all its "screens" but the URI Query parameters can give you enough information to designate something as a page and its name.




          Do your pages carry any information like these in the POST parameters, Cookies, HTTP Headers or HTTP content? Using system fields and primitive custom fields you can extract information out of the URL, HTTP headers or HTTP body to assign a name to your pages when the URI stem is not useful.


          Right now, what does the Session timeline or Session browser show when you drill down a single session to a list of pages?

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            Hello Vishal,


            EUEM is able to extract content out of the Dynamic URL   Taking advantage of Primitive Custom fields can allow you to get the information your want our of these dynamic URLs.