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    Install aborted

      i have some troubles with a channel. the channel is the framework of our HDD encryption software from symantec.

      the channel is based on MSI and the installation runs fine and also the applications sucessfully installed.

      the history log file also so not show some error only if you connect over the tuner administrator you can see there in the status of the channel that the channel has the status Install (aborted).


      is there any idea what teh reason could be ?


      btw. the channel sometimes installes perfectly without any aborted status, but in some case it has that status.




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          Is it a non-silent install.


          One of the reasons could be that the user on the workstation is not giving any input to the installer and thus the installer does not provide a return code of 0, hence post-install (aborted).

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            hello adil


            it is a silent MSI and the installation is also successfull when you check the logs.

            only viewing the tuner administrator your will find the aborted status.

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              check the MSI logs for the return code and map it to installed in App Packager.

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                What version of BBCA are you using?  If you were to watch the properties.txt and application.txt file of the channel workspace while the channel was 'running', the .txt files do not say 'running'.  They are marked as 'Install - Aborted'.  My assumption is that the channel is marked this way in the event of a catastrophic termination of the channel or tuner.  The channel manager would come back and report 'Aborted'. Are you stating the Tuner Admin is reporting 'Aborted' while the channel is actually 'Running' on the endpoint?  Verify, what the channel is doing, via timestamps, at the moment that you are witnessing the 'Aborted' status.  Is the channel waiting for input?  You mentioned it was silent, but there may be something else happening.  I have also come to the practice of NOT being connected to a remote tuner while installing an application.  One thing that usually plagues me when I do that, is VERY SLOW downloads of the channel.

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                  Young So



                  I would find the error code and use the tab that allow you put the errors so, it ingore them.  Do you where that is in applicaiton pacakger?  The error code would be in the WIndows installer logs.  They are usually located on c:\windows\temp or %temp% on the run prompt.