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        If you don't post in the forum for some month, you get removed from the partner forum
        they decided to stop the partnership ???

        Sun is really pushing their own solution (SunMC) these days, so .... maybe ???


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          Firstly.. hi Stuart!

          How's life at C******?

          Anyway.. I work in a business that is almost entirely MS based and we have recently gone ahead with a project that incorporates a couple of Sun Servers (V880s).

          One of the things tasked to me is to identify what things we might need to know from a Solaris Server. Of course hardware issues is one of the things that springs to mind. I know of the grief Stuart has had with the Sun Hardware KM (from a previous life of mine), so I am interested in trying to find out what others have done and where they got the required info from.

          My choices of how to get the data are
          A) Log files (/var/adm/messages)
          B) Via custom KM

          If I was to go via the /var/adm/messages file I need a starting point as to what I would be looking for in there... Anyone have any pointers?

          If I went the custom KM route... I see a number of these posts mention talking via SNMP to the server to get stuff. As a Solaris newbie.. would an SNMP agent be something that is likley to be installed by default or do we need to add something else on the box before I can get this info? Also, is there a MIB to trawl through to find out what is available... or has some kind soul already don ethis piece of work to identify OIDs?


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            Hi Gary,

            On Sun F15K systems there are commands that will give you the status of some hardware components, eg.

            /opt/SUNWSMS/bin/showenvironment -p powers

            will give you lots of info about power supplies, fan status, voltage, ...

            We used these commands to create our own hardware KM.

            Not sure if these will be available on other SUN systems.

            On smaller systems you can always try the ESD KM's but they also need the installation of the Sun mgt. agent.

            SNMP is very common to be installed on unix system, but you'll only be sure untill you check it.


            • 18. other options
              Craig Thomas

              Has anyone written a custom KM using prtdiag -v and parsing the output?

              Thats what Im thinking of doing.

              We have the ESM KM, but its a bit excessive and $$$ for what I want...

              CPU/fan etc..

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                "Has anyone written a custom KM using prtdiag -v and parsing the output?"


                That's what I have done , fortunately just for one platform (V480) as different platforms have different output for prtdiag -v.

                You also have to make sure you run the right version, again depending upon the hardware platform you are on

                Good Luck

                • 20. Sunfire 3800 showenvironment
                  Craig Thomas

                  Has anyone worked in the results from a sunfire showenvironemnt command?

                  ie from the system controller (not available on the domains?)


                  • 21. Patrol Express

                    Patrol Express version 3.0 does have a parameter set that does monitor Sun StorEdge T300 Arrays. (page 7-80 to 7-82 in the Patrol Express 3.0 User Guide)

                    Probably not the way you want to go with an Enterprise computer, but an option if you want.

                    James Hayes

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                      Bertrand Martin

                      Hi all!

                      We just release a beta version of Hardware Sentry KM for PATROL (1.0.03) which supports Sun servers hardware monitoring.

                      Have a look to the following post on our forum:
                      Hardware Monitoring for Sun, IBM, HP, NEC, Siemens, etc.

                      Or directly go to our website:


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