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    Self-Service auto-login

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      I have quite a few users using self-service and when they initially go to Self-Service, there is no issue with the auto-logon. Whenever they close the window and return to self-service, it doesn't automatically logon. They can click the use windows login link, but I was wondering if there was something someone knew to resolve.


      I've tested on my PC and it operates as expected, and our settings match-up in regards to IE.

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          How exactly do they "return to self-service"? When they initially go to Self-Service how exactly are they launching it, compared to when they return to self-service? Normally, the URL in the shortcut to have auto-login work is the following (where %servername% is your actual web server name):




          If they are using a shortcut that they created after logging in, the path may not be quite correct. Other than their shortcut not being quite right, I am not sure why the first time would work and the next time wouldn't. There must be something different in the way they are doing both of those steps.