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    Holding event for ticket generation

    Lokesh Bendale

      Hi Team,


      We have BPPM 8.6.02 integrated with network monitoring tool.

      In network monitoring tool, if a "snmp node down" trap occurs, then it will immediately closed after respective "snmp node up" trap occurs.


      We want to write a rule in BPPM for following scenario:

      when a "snmp node down" trap event occurs in BPPM, we want to hold it for 10 mins to be waiting for respective "snmp node up" event. If the "snmp node up" event occurs within 10 mins then incident ticket should not be generated, but if the "snmp node up" event is not occurred within 10 mins then incident ticket should be generated.


      Can anybody please suggest on the same? Thanks in advance.

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          A simple way of achieving this would be:


          1. Trigger a timer when the "snmp node down" trap is received.

              The statement in your rule would be something like this:




          2. Once the timer expires, it should check whether the event is still open. If the event is still open, update a slot (one the serves as a flag to indicate that it should be propagated to IBRSD)


          timer CheckTicketDelay: EVENTCLASS ($EV)

          where [ $EV.status == OPEN .... ]

            timer_info: == 'TicketDelay'


            $EV.FLAG = YES;




          3. Trigger the propagation when the slot is updated.

          propagate OpenRemedyTicket: EVENT($EV)

          where [ $EV.status outside [CLOSED, BLACKOUT] ]

          to ibrsd

            when $EV.FLAG == YES



          I haven't tested the syntax, so I apologize if there's an extra or a missing semicolon, but you get the idea.




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            Abhay Bhagat

            Dear ,


            Did the above solution worked ??